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Colorado Here We Come!


Market is officially over and done. It was so nice to see the friends we had made in Houston. We had a really great Market and can’t wait till the next one. We were so thankful when 4 o’clock hit this afternoon so that we could begin to tear down. It’s defiantly a lot easier to take things down than to put them up! We were packed and ready to hit the road in twenty minutes!

Check out a few of our photos:

~Madison & Bonnie


Road Trip to Spring Market


“Please mommy, can I come?”


Today has been quite an adventure. We have everything packed. Our beauty supplies, all of our samples and patterns, our booth props and of course all the drinks and snacks any two people could consume in a month EXCEPT, three hours from home, about to cross into Kansas, Mom realizes we left our bag of clothes hanging in the hallway. We now have NO CLOTHES for Market. Target here we come! A slight delay for our arrival in Kansas City.

~Bonnie & Madison


Our little stowaway Lucy!

Lucy & Bella are ready for Kansas City!

Leaving our home state Colorado.

Hyped up on coffee!

We were mesmerized by the hundreds of wind turbines.

Market Here We Come….Again!


We are busily getting ready for Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City! All of our samples are ready and packed! The only thing left are our clothes, which are unimportant. We ever have snacks ready for the road trip! We will try to post blogs while in Kansas City to keep you updated on all our fun.

If you haven’t checked out our website lately, here are our new patterns that will be presenting at Market. Hope you enjoy them!

Kansas City Bound!

~Bonnie & Madison