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Adventure Block #3


Hello Everyone!

Block #3 of Adventure is finally here! This month we are proud to feature the Big Apple!



~Madison & Bonnie


How Many Featherweights?


100_4104I am in love…with Featherweights. I have obtained 3 in less than a week. Shoo-Shoo (as Madison or Pretty P is affectionately known as) is thinking she has been replaced, my husband thinks I have a problem and my boys think I am crazy.  I have adopted Olivia 1935, Emma 1961 and Penelope 1964 (white/celery green).

This is my story and I am sticking to it!  A lady walks into the quilt shop where I work (Laughing Ladies Quilting, Berthoud, Colorado) toting a black case asking if anyone wants to buy a featherweight. I have always admired the beauty of the little black machines and thought I would love one to decorate our quilting studio. However….I had never sewn on one, wow! Why does every quilter not own one!? Or anyone who sews? They sew like a dream, solid and such a pure stitch.

Thus, adoption of Olivia 1935….she has lovely scrolling on her face plate and sews like a dream.

I started thinking that Shoo-Shoo ought have one of her own

…and I had no idea that they came in white/celery green! So, I thought she might like a more retro look…. the adoption of Penelope 1964 (still need to get a little bit of tape off the base of this machine).

Just a couple days later, I was wandering around a flea market with my mom and literally tripped over a featherweight case. The price was a steal, had to have Emma 1961!

Funny thing, Madison likes the little black machines. So I luck out, I get a black and white/celery green! I just hope I do not come across any more orphans!

Above is pictured 2 of the girls, Olivia is getting a new belt…after all she is 78 years old!