How Many Featherweights?


100_4104I am in love…with Featherweights. I have obtained 3 in less than a week. Shoo-Shoo (as Madison or Pretty P is affectionately known as) is thinking she has been replaced, my husband thinks I have a problem and my boys think I am crazy.  I have adopted Olivia 1935, Emma 1961 and Penelope 1964 (white/celery green).

This is my story and I am sticking to it!  A lady walks into the quilt shop where I work (Laughing Ladies Quilting, Berthoud, Colorado) toting a black case asking if anyone wants to buy a featherweight. I have always admired the beauty of the little black machines and thought I would love one to decorate our quilting studio. However….I had never sewn on one, wow! Why does every quilter not own one!? Or anyone who sews? They sew like a dream, solid and such a pure stitch.

Thus, adoption of Olivia 1935….she has lovely scrolling on her face plate and sews like a dream.

I started thinking that Shoo-Shoo ought have one of her own

…and I had no idea that they came in white/celery green! So, I thought she might like a more retro look…. the adoption of Penelope 1964 (still need to get a little bit of tape off the base of this machine).

Just a couple days later, I was wandering around a flea market with my mom and literally tripped over a featherweight case. The price was a steal, had to have Emma 1961!

Funny thing, Madison likes the little black machines. So I luck out, I get a black and white/celery green! I just hope I do not come across any more orphans!

Above is pictured 2 of the girls, Olivia is getting a new belt…after all she is 78 years old!


About prettypmamabdesigns

We are a mother daughter business designing and selling embroidery patterns! Together we are experienceing the ups and downs of the business world. Including designing, stitching, printing patterns, selling, going to market and so much more!

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  1. They are soooo beautiful!! I think I should start collecting them too, just like my husband collects guitars….lets see, the last time I counted his collections it was at seven, I hope I can catch up with him!!!

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