Bonnie & Madison Condon


Pretty P & Mama B Designs
324 Sagewood Dr.
Loveland, CO


(970) 663-3361



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    • To download our free BOM Adventure,click the link at the top of the page that says Free BOM “Adventure” This will take you to a photo and at the bottom of the photo after the DMC colors, click the link that says Adventure #6, and all other blocks are also available on this page. Hope this helps!

  1. Miss you both at Laughing Ladies Quilt Shop!
    The summer adventure blocks, there are only eight.
    Are there more to come?
    Is it ok with you if I make them for Interfaith Quilters for the charity sale?
    All the best to Madison in school, and hope you are enjoying your new position.
    Joan Miller, Longmont CO

  2. Hi Momma B, I am getting started on the Adventure blocks.
    I think I was able to get the same background fabric at L.L. last week.
    My question to you is, did you iron on a backing to the grey fabric?
    And if you did, what type did you use?
    Thanks, Joan Miller

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